about the poster boy..

u can address me as sangu. and i shall be updating this post as and when i write a new post and in the process, discover new facets of my character worth mentioning to help you figure me out.

0k, one of my fav pastimes is arguing. so if u feel like arguing, abusing etc.. go right ahead. appreciating comments, while welcome, are not my prime focus. and i am not one of those rooba ku nooru chamathu fellows. so, if i am rude to anyone, it doesn’t mean i hate them. it just throws light on my character, roots and upbringing.

I hate stereotypes, stereotyping and being stereotyped. for example, i don’t expect that an atheist of hindu heritage know about all the scriptures in hinduism before deciding that he is atheist. i don’t like to see every good man who questions a problem in society in tamil films portrayed as an iyer. i don’t like to see every downtrodden man (possibly dalits) as a good person who intends nothing but good for the society, who wants nothing more than to fight for his life, who never discriminates anyone “lower” than him in the social order.

but i do like one thing about stereotypes. i like people stereotyping without realizing it themselves. it gives me an alternate perspective into life which i never previously had.

these are the identities that i like to mostly dabble with:-

tamil, indian, chennaite, t.nagarite, university student, sportsman, IIT JEE attempter, animal liker (though pucca non-v. eat n-v upto 8 times a day), environmentalist, anti-feminist, anti-philosopher, philosopher, anti-teacher, nominally anti-north indian, anti-western, pro-black, pro-facial hair, anti-materialist, state rowdy etc..

so now you kind of understand what my posts will tend to be on..


7 responses to “about the poster boy..

  1. Wow! U looks like my hero

    actually i don’t see how i can be. if i am indeed what you aspire to be, then you should not be having a hero at all. and there are surely things you and i vehemently disagree on. if only you knew, you would recall your statement.

  2. Hello,
    I really enjoy your posts. I was born and raised in Canada, but my parents are both Tamil from Madurai. We visit India regularly, but your posts provide me with a real sense of what Tamil culture is as I only get a dose every few years.


    hi christina. nice to know you like my posts. only, i do not know how you mean by getting a sense of real tamil culture. to be honest, i am a westernized (not by choice) city bred who actually has a cultural disconnect with the common man (say a small town tamil). only i take pains to learn about the issues that matter to the common man and prefer identifying with them. btw, i just returned from your native place a couple of days back. i went there cos i wanted to know what was up in the smaller cities of TN.

  3. Hi,

    I just happened to stumble across your blog when looking up something in Google… and I have to say, your posts are exceptionally interesting and thought-provoking. I especially liked the post on dark-skinned Indians (being one myself).

    I have just recently started up a public blog (even though I used to be a pretty obsessed blogger a few years ago), which is why I started looking up random blogs to read. I’m glad I came across yours – it’s definitely an interesting read! Would you mind if I added a link to your blog? It doesn’t look like you do link-backs at your blog – which is perfectly fine – I just didn’t want to link you at my blog if you weren’t okay with it.

    Anyway, keep up the good writing. 🙂

    thanks and will do. u can certainly link back. i have no problems with it.

  4. anti-feminist. huh. theres something id like to pick on.

    anti-feminist indeed. in fact, anti is a very strong word for i don’t wish to give feminists so much respect. but still, it most aptly describes my position. and theres nothing i should like more than some ppl challenging this long established position. so if you wish to, go right ahead.

  5. OK, this is jkust for starters, i cud write 25 volumes of 1000 pages each on this issue . Just for example:
    1. Men driunking in pubs is Hindu Culture, but not women, no !!Criminal activities of the Mangalore Gorillas and other Gorilla Brigades.
    2 . Sati : when a wife dies , the man remarries. when the husband dies, the wife is subjected to perhaps the most known severe pain of burning.
    3. Women’s lib has back-slid in the West. Men are still supposed to propose first, and pay for the first date.
    4. 30 yrs ago , b4 u were born , and when i was ur age, Indian ,men wore pants and shirts, yet made unprintable comments abt Indian women in Western dresss
    5. FGM in Africa.
    6. 50 yr old man marries 8 yr old in Saudi, Court is ( happily ) helpless , tommorrow the judge in that case may marry a 5 yr old.
    7. “Honor killing” in Afghanistan and Afghan areas of Pakistan – most dishonorable.
    8. Some men desire to rape a beautiful woman every few months. So make a law — for certain acts of a woman , the punishment shall be public rape — this happens in the above-mentioned region .
    9 . Ad nauseum and infinitum

  6. persecution of widows: if a woman is expected to be a “Sumangali” ( but not a man, no-no), should not the bride be at least 5 yrs older than the groom ? how stupid cud a society be ???

  7. pro facial hair
    i likes

    Sangu: 🙂

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